reborn to dominate...
By koukou1234567
  • Fantasy
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  • reincarnation
  • secondchance
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  • yaoi


Cao Dingkun fought for half his life and won success at the expense of his youth. Unfortunately, he lost his love life when his lover cheated on him with his friend who he regarded as a brother behind his back. At the moment when he was hit down the cliff, he thought he would say goodbye to the world from then on. With a fool's luck - he was reborn. This is a story of a movie emperor who was reborn into a small and unknown young artist, watch as he used his accumulated experience from his past life to cuts down his enemies and climbs to the top again. His new goal was revenge and success but he didn't think he will meet someone who made him believe in love again. ************* Bl novel. Google translator so you will find some errors . For offline reading. Recapture the Entertainment Industry


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reborn to...
by koukou1234567