The Truth Hiding Be...
By StyleYAYA
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Draco Malfoy for as long as he remembers has been abused since he was a tiny infant His father never cared for him His mother left the abusive household years before Draco could acknowledge it His life became even worse after the war everyone started to neglect and forget him including his so called 'friends' well Everyone..except one ▪▪▪This story contains trigger warnings▪▪▪ •••Viewer discretion is advised••• ◆◆◆I will not be responsible for any offences that may be taken◆◆◆ This is REALLY OLD. From 2019-2020. I'm a little better at writing (and plot creating) so please don't base me on this. I genuinely hate this but if you enjoy it, I'm glad.😭 And the sensitive topics in this, I'm very ashamed at myself for it. I hate talking about this book so please be mindful about the fact that I dislike this book ALOT and if I could reverse time, id delete this-

"Maybe I don't want to be a Malfoy"

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The Truth...
by StyleYAYA