SOS Fan Fiction
By AmisArousedArmy
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Stories written by fans of the book 🆘 Smoke of Sighs written by @AmiTheDarkLady These stories are based on the characters of 🆘 but please remember that they are NOT part of the official storyline. They're just fun extras 😜 If you haven't read 🆘 ...Well... I don't even know why you're here... Go do that! Get ready deviants, because you can expect some devilishly deviant deeds to be described within... 😏 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ WARNING: THIS STORY IS DELICIOUSLY INAPPROPRIATE! Don't blame us if you end up scarred for life, or horny with no one to help you out #blami #BDSM #spankme Thank you to Tiffany (@brkfst_at_tiffanys) for the wonderful cover art ❤️ Thank you to Rachel (@tipprs) for being our gif queen! ❤️

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SOS Fan F...
by AmisArousedArmy