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Note: I wrote it when I was sixteen. It's a cliche badboyxgoodgirl book with themes and incidents I don't stand by at all. As an author I've grown a lot over the years and this doesn't do justice to my writing. -------- The worlds of both Heath and Hope change when one day they accidentally collide in the boring crowded hallways of their school. One look at the timid brown eyes, and the blue-eyed boy finds himself intrigued by the layers of pain she's desperately hiding within them. As Heath unintentionally gets close to Hope he figures that under her sweet facade lies a very dark secrets. Now the question is, will Heath be able to save Hope from her demons, or will they consume her in their darkness for eternity? And will Hope be able to change the bad boy? As it is said, "only a good girl can change a bad boy." ----------------------------- Trigger warning for violence, sexual assault and vulgar language.

V.V. IMP!!!

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by crazym07