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Hazel. My name is Hazel. And thats... all I know. I woke up one day on a cold metal slab, not knowing anything else about myself. Then I was... adopted. Sort of. By vampires. Because thats what I was now they said. A vampire. A changeling they called me as they took me home. To their manor. Because I was also a noble now. Lower class noble. But a noble. What they failed to mention was that changelings? They were second class citizens to other vampires. noble or not. In everyone else's eyes, in their society. I was nothing. Barely above a human. Which was food. I was basically spoilt meat to them. Food no longer edible. I understood that quicker than anything else. So why my new parents seemed to be the only vampires on the planet ignorant to the elephant in the room was beyond me. But they were. To the point where they thought to send me to Romanov Academy. The most prestigious school in the world of Vampires. As a high school student, because apparently thats my age range. So. That me. The lowest on the totem pole in a school full of literal nobility and apparently a royal. A. Very. Scary. Royal. The schools named after his family. He's a pureblooded vampire. The crème de la crème of my new world. And a total fucking asshole. I know two things. My name is Hazel. And apparently I'm not very good this whole vampire, blood drinking, creature of the night thing.

Ch 1: Dead

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by poltergeist_people