Magic Beyond The Sc...
By Undertale131
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Cory Camera AKA Newscrapro AKA Y/N L/N. Y/N is a very popular YouTuber famous for her Minecraft Role-plays she makes with her friends as Cory/Newscrapro. Her favorite and most popular Role-play series is Undertale. When it is proven that the famous game created by Toby Fox is real she and her friends, as well as other famous YouTubers are invited to a P.A.X convention that was being held in Ebott City. Sans, after almost what seemed like forever, is finally on the surface, which is great and all, but for this to happen a glitch was caused and now there are alternate versions of himself. There's still some tension between humans and monsters, so the Mayor of Ebott City decided to host a convention called P.A.X and invites some people that have strange names. What happens when Sparks fly between the Role-playing YouTuber and the Skeleton and his alternates?

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