Until him
By moonlightlover9
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I enter the boys locker room and see that it's empty, good, I can change in here , I take off my book bag and pull out my gym clothes , as I do the gym doors open, I hide behind a locker and peek to see who it is , of course it's the one person I hoped it wouldn't be. Christian star. He walks right so I move left , I move forward so we're on different sides , the door is right there jade , run! I quickly head for the door and as I open it well, let's just say I don't make it. The door slams shut and I squeal in surprise, I turn and see Christian looking down at me , " you want my attention? You definitely got it now" My life was normal and invisible, until him. Jade has been going to falcon high school since freshman year , she's been invisible until she accidentally bumps into the bad boy of the school. When he and her bump heads she has a trick up her sleeve to get him off her back , but unfortunately it doesn't work,he can't seem to back off .what happens when he starts to fall for her ? See what happens in the book series Until him❤️

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Until him
by moonlightlover9