Greensea |Formerly...
By OctaviaLocke
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One sleepy magick-user + one increasingly bad day = a recipe for disaster, or, as is the case for the inhabitants of the Eridan, one very hopeless last hope. All Simon Elmswitch wanted was a nap, not to go on some ill-fated adventure with Celes Nim, World-Seer extraordinaire, in order to save the Eridan from a threat long thought vanished. But, as the young Kin Sage was often the first to admit, things rarely ever went according to plan. ***** As a member of the tree-like creatures of the Verdan, Simon Elmswitch dreams of mastering the art of Greencraft to become one of his people's greatest magick-users, a Kin Sage. But when the Dawn Queen summons both Simon and his Master to the City of Light, he finds himself in the midst of a violent coup, led by the long thought dead, Umbros, Lord of Shadows. With no other recourse, Simon flees the city aboard the airship, Swiftwood, where, along with the ship's captain, Celes Nim, he will start down a path to save not only his people, but every inhabitant of the All-realms. Never one to decide what to have for breakfast, let alone the fate of everything to ever exist, will Simon be able to thwart one of the biggest evils known to creation? Or will he fail, learning the lesson his teacher tried countless times to impress upon him: magick, no matter how much you toss around, can't always fix everything. This is Greensea, a story of the Eridan. All creatures are welcome to make the journey, though be advised, it's best to leash your dog(s). Cover credit to the lovely @Ferret-bird

A Little Something Before We Begin

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by OctaviaLocke