Everything that Can...
By desrelly
  • Mystery / Thriller
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Following the death of his little sister, Jaime spends his evenings staring at the family next door in their nightly ritual of watching the sun set, but in his attempts to learn their secrets, what he discovers might be more than he can handle. *** Jaime is obsessed with the neighbors next door. Granted, they are a little strange, standing outside in their backyard every night silently staring at the sunset. But Jaime not only watches them, he loves them, fantasizing about being a member of the family as well. One day, Jaime's family receives an invitation from the neighbors for dinner. Jaime's parents refuse to go, but Jaime goes anyway, coerced by Saxa, the neighbor's daughter who is Jaime's age. What unfolds will change him forever. Through his narration, Jaime takes us on an inner journey, detailing his current feelings of anxiety and depression and, through flashbacks, painting the story of how his little sister, whom he loved beyond words, died as a toddler and how this tragedy tore his already flawed family apart. *** "I'm honestly at a loss for words. At one point, I was reading it in Alain de Botton's voice; your attention to detail is something other writers really miss." ~RemingtonSloan "Omg this is wonderful. So well written. The words just flow so smoothly, it's a lazy read." ~houseofwisdom "I'm hooked. I love the voyageur aspect and it makes me feel like I am watching the Morstads." ~MsHawthorne "I wish I had more to say, but I was captivated from start to finish!" ~santamariella *** The light casts in such a way that makes all of them more beautiful than I'd thought possible, but Saxa, she is the prettiest. When she comes out the house, her hair drapes down her shoulders as if each strand was perfectly placed by gods themselves. *** current word count: 42 046


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