The Mistake [Comple...
By SophiTrupia
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[Oak View Book 1] Leigh Danvers had it all; a career, more than enough money and a stable future but when her mother's controlling ways became too much to bear, she escaped to a small town in North Carolina. When Leigh needed to leave Hollywood behind for good and escape the job that still tied her to the business she applied at Donne Farm and was quickly welcomed into their lives- but not by everyone. Brett Donne didn't like her from the moment she stepped foot in his small town and he didn't like her even more when she began working for his mother. His only option? To make her life a living nightmare until she quit. But with Leigh enjoying a good challenge she is determined to change Brett's opinion of her and make him realise he's made a big mistake.

Chapter One

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The Mista...
by SophiTrupia