Little Gods
By shan1102
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Chinese Title: 小神仙 Author: 吕天逸 °Official cover° The stories of gods falling in love, episodic, each volume has a connection, but the protagonists are different. Direct with landmines 1. All shous are soft and cute. If you like strong shous then don't read. 2. Silly, innocent and sweet, just selling meng (cuteness) and sprinkled sugar. You must be careful in the pursuit of plot and depth. 3. Before you buy the chapter, you can take a look at the corresponding brief introduction and small theater on the copy. ---------- [THIS IS A TRANSLATION] **NO REPOST PLEASE** T/N: You can find the small theaters in the table of contents as a chapter, it was originally part of the synopsis but it was too long. Story 1: Little Poor God Story 2: Little Assistant Story 3: Little God of Misfortune Story 4: Little Phoneix Story 5: Little Superstar Updates: once a week or more


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