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By putrukopisa5
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Here is the idea. Five girls that finished highschool left to study in different cities in Croatia. Each one of them has their own life, their own problems, joys, hopes, plans and ideas. Now they meet for a drink after 10 years, because this is what they arranged at their last night out in highschool. Each of them will tell one story. Story about stuff young people are going through. Their stories are not based on a true story, but every part of their story is completly true and in some point everything written here happend to someone. And first you will see how did it looked like from the day we got the idea until publishing our first book of five. We started this because we had this silly idea that this will be first book from Croatia to become a world story. 📚🌎 Well it's not so silly anymore since pretty much everything we planned is coming true and we have some big plans 💪 We will show you what it looks like when two totally different girls are writing one book and you will see what this first one is all about! Hope you like it 😊

Everything starts with an idea!

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What is t...
by putrukopisa5