Stuck in Fairytales...
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Lao Bang is a Taiwanese boy who moved to the countryside because of his family business. They work as farmers taking care of the animals and then selling their eggs, milk,... On his new house, Lao Bang chooses the room with a weird box on the wall, as his new room. One day, he decides to open that mysterious box, and inside, he finds a really old and dusty book. Because of his big curiosity, he decides to start reading it. And from a moment to another, he's dragged to a completely new world where the fairytales are not following the usual order. To return back home, he's forced to solve all the stories turning into a whole complete new character. He finds out, that the male characters from all the books have been kicked out because the princess refused to have their stories with them. How weird are those princesses to be that difficult to handle? Will Lao Bang be able to return back home? Or will he stay stuck in fairytales?


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Stuck in...
by ZAKY14