Eros | #ONC2020 Sho...
By Siennafrost
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When Gianna Moretti swears to never fall in love again, Aphrodite takes it as a challenge and sends her son, Eros, to fix the problem only to find out his arrow doesn't work on her. With a determination to prove her wrong, the god of love and desire decides to reveal himself, offering her a bet that if she doesn't fall in love with the man he chooses for her after three months of dating, then he would leave her alone and admit defeat. Mature content warning: No entry whatsoever for children under 18. I'm not responsible for the corruption of youth if you do not heed my words. LOL Prompt #65 for Open Novella Contest III: You declare to the heavens that you will never fall in love again. Aphrodite takes that as a challenge. This spanking cover is done by @bitchismyreligion ❤️❤️ Thank you, love.

One: The God Himself

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Eros | #O...
by Siennafrost