my heart is your gu...
By suwurri
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Hazel Greenhouse was a normal girl with a beautiful social life, she was the enthusiastic, crazy, loud, social floater from her generation. This girl has talked with anyone she came across with and ended up being good friends with them. Even thought she has befriended most of the generation, besides having people she definitely doesn't wish to befriend, she has some people she wants to become closer with because they seem to be shy and submissive. The boy who sits behind her in the art club, Milo, is her first and most important target. She always thought that he was a cute surprisingly tall guy with a very shy personality that was completely innocent and wouldn't dare to even hurt a fly, but when Hazel starts to open up to him first, Milo starts to show psychotic and strange behavior, and then things drastically change to the worst for our free Hazel, who now seems trapped in a cage of misery, with no escape.


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my heart...
by suwurri