Temple of Dissonance
By StormRidden
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For over a decade now, Rashidi people have eyed the Temple of Udele and the Lost Souls and Undead swarming within. When the barriers keeping them safe begin to crack, the village is threatened. Novalie Heqet is raised a secret. Her gifts are laced with dangerous mystery, ancient Mana swirling through her veins. Though her sister, Kissa, is raised as Lady of the House, Novalie is the firstborn Heir. Spending most of her time mastering her destructive and powerful magic before she accidentally destroys the continent, everything changes in one evening. The barrier protecting the village surges and collapses, Kissa is summoned to the High Temple of Udele, and Novalie must make a choice. Take her sister's place and step inside the Dungeon walls with a team of Adept Mancers or back down, allowing the undead and a mysterious dungeon bursting with magic to consume Kissa's soul.

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Temple of...
by StormRidden