Trouble in Paradise
By hetachokshi
  • Fantasy
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  • criminal
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  • paranormal
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"In which she takes a challenge against Aphrodite." • Kaira Shah is a girl with a no-nonsense attitude and a freshly broken heart. After her first ever heartbreak, she announces to the Gods above that she would never fall in love; ever again. But that's not the trouble here, the trouble is the fact that Aphrodite takes it as a challenge. In a world where public display of affection is a heinous crime and can earn you a death sentence; she surely doesn't want to get under Aphrodite's or her son, Eros' radar. But, much to her dismay, she does and trouble after trouble walks her way and she ends up committing a crime that she never thought she would. • This is my entry for the Open Novella Contest 2020. © 2020 hetachokshi

Before You Begin

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Trouble i...
by hetachokshi