A Perfect Stitch
By DerrickWilliams_AA
  • Romance
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  • betrayal
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  • youngadult


College and Independence is a mile away for Ellis. Everything seems perfect until lovers day when she weds a stranger. ***** A case of mistaken identity brought two complete strangers together, to seal a wedding in a church, live under one roof, and share a bed for two. One is a demon the other is far from being an angel. Two complete polar opposites whom instead of attracting, repeal each other. Dwain Horton is a multi-billionaire who owns several five-star hotels and shipping companies around the globe. One nightstand with a stranger and she ruined his reputation. He promised himself to make her pay but too bad, he got the wrong bride. What happens when Ellis Blien, an eighteen-year-old high school graduate, gets married in the place of Elisabeth Dixon to this revenge-seeking monster? All is at stake, even her heart. Content and/or Trigger warning: This story contains scenes of violence and mature language which may be triggering to some readers. [[word count: 100,000 - 1_0,000 words]]

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A Perfect...
by DerrickWilliams_AA