Yeah, I Hate You To...
By HonorInTheRain
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After not seeing each other for nearly eight years, Justin and Laila are suddenly forced to spend the entire summer together. Now if that's not bad enough, Justin and Laila couldn't be more opposite from each other. At first it's plainly clear to everyone that they're just not going to get along at all. But the more Justin and Laila actually get to know each other - and when they aren't fighting over something stupid - the two slowly realize that maybe there are things in life they'll need each other to figure out. If Justin is arrogant, snarky, and just a bit too handsome for his own good, then Laila may just end up going insane. And if Laila's clever, quick-witted, and beyond pretty, then God help Justin. So the same thought on both of their minds? Is this going to be the summer of a life time or what?

Chapter 1 - Laila

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Yeah, I H...
by HonorInTheRain