Our Love Is Forever...
By Littlecamo8
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Requests are now closed. I am wrapping this book up and am not accepting any more. Little one shots of the reader and Hiccup that I write. "Hiccup," you said, softly, after a few minutes of silence. Hiccup... pulled you into his lap and asked, "Yes, my darling?" "Why do you love me? I mean, I am the freak...-" "(Y/ N)," Hiccup stopped you. He tightened his grip on you and pulled your head towards him so your ear rested against his chest, where his strong beating heart was. "I love you more than my own life. You're perfect just the way you are. You're beautiful, kind, encouraging... loving, intelligent, and so much more. It would take me an eternity to list everything about you that I loved." "What about the things you didn't like about me?" you asked, in a weak, fragile voice. Hiccup hated seeing you like this: so frail, so vulnerable... "There is nothing. I love everything about you, (Y/ N). Nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that," he said, sincerely, brushing a strand of hair out of your face.

Love Is Forever (Hiccup x reader one- shots)

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Our Love...
by Littlecamo8