A Twist Of Fate [3]
By AmyRobinsonAuthor
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🔘Ongoing🔘 ✨Book 3/3✨ ‼️MATURE‼️ The final book in The Other Side Series. The third book continues on with Bethan and Cal, after they finally surpass the ultimate test in their relationship. They have overcome the obstacles and resolved their issues, getting back to the couple that they were when they first arrived in New York City. All seems good and well from the outside in, apart from one small issue... As Bethan discovers Felix has now joined the Lakey Ink team, she finds herself in the biggest predicament of her relationship so far. After admitting to Cal that she kissed someone else during their rough patch, she never expected to have that very guy, and all of his rude and obnoxious being, step straight into her life and stir things up once again. Feeling overwhelmed by the possibility of more drama ahead, Bethan knows she has to nip this in the bud, but when Tori arranges a fortnight away in a isolated cabin somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania, inviting both Cal and Bethan's friends along, will being stuck with the guy she loves, the guy she hates, all of their friends and a sudden terrifying twist of fate, end in tragedy?


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A Twist O...
by AmyRobinsonAuthor