Tears to a better l...
By Wait_For_My_Shot
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When Percy goes through a though break up, her nightmares get worse and worse she fears she might break. As her life spirals into pieces, her foster mom doesn't help. After Karen, her foster mom, takes it too far, the bat-family comes to her rescue. When Bruce Wayne adopts her, she struggles to see why, while they try to help her see the light and fry to fix her broken heart. If you came here from the one shot it's going to be a bit different so be prepared for that, and I would reread it just become it might be important latter on in the story. Before we get started, there are some things y'all need to know. ABUSE IS IN THIS STORY SO HERE IS YOUR WARNING!Artemis and Apollo are gender bent so Percy can still have the respect of a god who doesn't like her gender. Also Thaila is a boy, Thomas. And Bianca is Bryan, and Zoe is Zion. But they won't be mentioned much so it's ok if you don't remember them. Also, Percabeth is two years apart, but this is not a percabeth story. Percy is 14 and the bat boys are different ages from what they actually are. They are all around the same age, Dick is 15, so is Jason, Tim is 14 and Damian is 9. These ages are for the beginning only. And I think that's all?

Chapter One

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Tears to...
by Wait_For_My_Shot