Cabello {finished}
By avtisxcial
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Austin Mahone and his step sister Lauren Jauregui never got along, even though they've basically know each other all of their life. Having an alternate family wasn't something Austin could cope with. Considering he lost his father, He doesn't believe in love anymore. But one day a tragedy struck the Mahone family and Austin found himself caring for Lauren more than he ever though he could. Weeks prior to the incident, Austin meets Lauren's best friend Camila and he begins to feel himself falling in love with Camila, not only because she's amazing in his eyes but she had the thing that he was looking for and was love and joy. Now Austin and Camila are on a desperate mission to find out who killed their loved one but along the way, they find tons of discoveries they never thought they could and that was love. ❤❤❤


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Cabello {...
by avtisxcial