The Girl With Five...
By JustinW11
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Love brings people together in the most unexpected ways. For Jimmy and Sara, a similar quirk is what did it. She wears five watches on her arm while he wears three rings on his right hand. And while this is what brings them together, their quirks have a dark past. It's their dark past that will build the bond between Jimmy and Sara. They will learn what it means to be in love. They will experience life together during their first year in college face something neither of them ever wanted to face... themselves. Can Jimmy and Sara come together to face their dark past? Can they really learn to love and build each other up? If they can't, their worlds could come tumbling down for the worst. New chapter every Saturday and Sunday in June! Winner of two awards! Cherry Blossom Awards, Romance, 3rd Place The Sakura Awards, Romance, 2nd Place

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The Girl...
by JustinW11