Love Beyond
By RathaNot
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Jin wanted a soulmate, but he knows he'll never have one. After all, he's... different from the rest of his Bangtan brothers. He loves them so much that he's convinced himself he doesn't need a soulmate. And even if he found one, eventually he knew he'd have to leave them behind. Y/N aspires to be a dolphin trainer. Content for now to teach the rescued dolphin Flipper, she still hopes that maybe someday she'll be able to reach her dream. Soulmates? She felt sure hers wouldn't want her. But why did she need one anyways? She had Flipper. Their worlds are about to collide in a very unexpected way. Will they come together? Will they be able to open up with the things they haven't told anybody that they fear will hold them back? Or will their troubles keep them apart?


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