Transported in a No...
By LoneNight57
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'I'm I gonna die here?' God : "I am sorry young one for my mistake" Nathan : "who's talking?" God : "I am god here to apologize from my mistake. I'm teleporting you to another world and I have bestowed something for you " Nathan : "really? then what kind of 'bestowed' do you wanna give me?" God : "don't worry you will know once when your there" 'Teleports him to Another fantasy World.' Nathan : " WHAT THE FORK!!?" MC is anorphan who wants to live a normal life with his foster parents who adopted him from the orphanage. Even though life is hard he still lived to the fullest. Until one day Nathan got hit by truck-sama on his way to school. And then he got Transported in a novel as a non-character "MOB" (all rights to the owner of the pictures but the story is mine sorry for my English I'm really not good at it since this isn't my original language but thank you for reading.)

chapter 1:HOLY MOTHER!!!

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