The Curse of Hades...
By nikola-does-art
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***BOOK TWO OF THE CURSED SERIES.*** Harper had grown up with the tales of her mothers heroics whispered amidst the palace walls. Everywhere she went, eyes and hushed murmurs followed. Pitied glances. Desolate faces. Sometimes even fear stared back at her. She was the cursed child; the child that would be this kingdom's undoing once more. And all because of the deal her mother had struck with the God of the Underworld. On her 21st birthday she's whisked away into a world of eternal night and wonder, where the mysterious God whom she had feared all of her life is not all that he seems. His touch is familiar. His lips tantalising. And worst of all, he makes the beast within her purr. Harper hadn't chosen this fate, but her heart had chosen him. ***NOTE; you may be able to read this as a standalone but I highly discourage it. A lot of the events mentioned will be confusing if you haven't read 'The Curse of An Alpha. Also, this book contains mature scenes, so read at your own risk.' ***

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The Curse...
by nikola-does-art