Monster (Alastor x...
By rejectedsamsung
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"Just because I'm a deer demon, doesn't mean I'm like him, IM NOTHING Like the Radio Demon" "Well, well, well. Look who it is? Got a new toy Alastor" "what was...your past life like?.." "Charlie my past life, is something I think you shouldn't have to worry about. But I can say I did things that resulted in me being here and I don't regret doing" "My Dear, Are you alright?" "How about you go bother someone else Bambi" ------------- Hadn't been a month since Y/N arrived in hell. Y/N is a white and black deer demon who wants to try and forget her past life she had on Earth but what she done to end up in hell, she doesn't regret one bit. While getting to stay at the Happy Hotel because of the princess of hell and her girlfriend finding Y/N and taking her in. With helping Charlie take care of things around the hotel not only that but avoiding a certain tall red deer demon because for what Vaggie told her about him, but Y/N doesn't have to worry about that when as everyone told her that history has a chance to repeat itself but who's to say her past life has decided to come back. -------------- I'm sorry I suck at descriptions but I tried not to reveal to much of what I have in mind with this story. ⚠️Warnings For What's In This Story⚠️ Cussing! Some gore (there's gonna be some fights that will have this) Sexual Jokes/Theme's Mentions of attempted rape Last But Not Least DAD JOKES! ©Hazbin Hotel Belongs To Vivziepop

Chapter 1

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Monster (...
by rejectedsamsung