when cold sun meets...
By wang_tai_li
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thousand years ago lost paradise was a very peaceful place . mediocre peoples and top clans were lived peacefully. but when two main clans (sun and moon ) started a war for administration of lost paradise , lost paradise separated to two pieces . since thousand years they are combating for destroy eachother. since they are birth they starting to hate other clan but one day current two clan leaders met eachother but they couldn't recognized. they straggled in jungle. the sun clan leader is really cold rude guy and he really hates moon clan and their leader. moon clan leader is warm, kind hearted , caring guy but he really hates sun clan and their leader. in that time when the straggled in jungle and spend time together they start to feeling for eachother. they forgot who they are and they didn't care. the two of them just wanted to live together happily. but what will happen when they realize that their real identity ? wang yibo as sun clan leader xiao zhan as moon clan leader this is a bl fiction and it's yizhan ff. And there is mpreg too.if you don't have interest with gay or mpreg stories don't read and complain. and my english is not well. but hope you can understand .read your own risk Pictures are not mine but story fully created by me.plz read and comment and vote Wangxian #1 Wuxian #1 xz #1 Srilankan #1 Zhuocheng #2 Haikuan #2 Untamed #6


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when cold...
by wang_tai_li