Dripping Blood
By Yummychocochick
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"The darkness is yet to be ended." ▪▪▪ The underworld is finally at peace with a new king and queen; king Xanthos and queen Bella. Their offsprings step into the world at one-shot, bringing destruction along with them. Each one having foreign powers coursing through their blood but with the same physical features. One has the soul of a demon and another has the soul of a wolf. One is named Travis and one is named Tyler. They are blessed to have one mate, a human mate to be exact. Fiora Mattews, a tulip who would open when warmth and passion hit her but would close when coldness pricks her. She is strong yet innocent by heart. What will occur when the three souls will bond when dark lurks around? Of course, a pot full of dripping blood will colonize. ▪▪▪ Sequel to 'Leonardo'. Can be read as a stand-alone. Cover by @CannibalisticNecro. #thewildflowerawards


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by Yummychocochick