Twilight Over Parad...
By Kayastarcrafter
  • Teen Fiction
  • gay
  • helpline
  • paradise
  • sequel
  • suicidalthoughts
  • suicide


When Josh loses Justen, he doesn't know how he'll survive. Yet, no matter how much his heart hurts, he goes on and continues his life. Now, at almost twenty years old, Josh has a job at a suicide helpline and is getting kicked out of his own house. It isn't until he hears from twenty-two-year-old Cooper Owens that Josh finds his place again. Josh wants to do anything and everything to keep Cooper alive and away from suicide. And, in doing so, Josh finds himself becoming emotionally attached to Cooper. While Cooper finds himself loving the man who is trying to save his life. Continue reading to find out what happens between the man who lost the one he loves to suicide and the man who wants to die. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I highly suggest reading Sunset in Paradise first before diving into this book. Just saying. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⚠Warning- Contains suicidal thoughts and mature language⚠

Part 1

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by Kayastarcrafter