Remembering Him
By Stelle_Moon
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"I'm going to live somewhere else I came to say goodbye" he said sadly "You're leaving, you can't I-I don't go!" I said and putting him into a tight embrace, crying and begging him not to go. "I can't, I want to stay but daddy won't let me. I promise we will see each other again soon okay" he said crying as he held me in his arms. "Do you pinky swear" I said as I hold out my pinky looking straight into those grey eyes "I pinky swear" he replied and joined his pinky with mine. "Promise you won't forget me" I said through my tears. He looked me in the eyes and said "I will never forget you Peah ever" he replied and pecked me on the lips. ****** Cassiopeia James, also known as Cassie had a rough life, but was able to get through it with the help of her best friends. She is known as the girl with paint on her clothes by some people. She wasn't too popular amongst her peers. With the new year the school was introduced by three new students. They intrigued the school population quickly with their dark and mysterious look. Then they take a liking in Cassie and her friends for no reason. Why does the new kids become friends with them? And why does the grey eyed tattooed Bad Boy seem to awaken something deep inside her? And why does he insist on being with near her? Maybe things might change for Cassie and her friends this year. Find out how they go through their senior year with troubled past, new friends, undiscovered secrets and new found love. All rights reserved © Credit to the beautiful cover to @herosofolympus7 #1 on illegal fighting on 01/02/21 #8 on Cassiopeia on 31/12/20

Remembering Him

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by Stelle_Moon