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Eden: a given name to a place or setting, one that has several derivations, from the Biblical Garden of Eden meaning 'delight'. An Eden is often described as a place of pleasure and joy, of peace and serenity; however, this story follows anything but. We follow a group of friends working to fix a land left in ruins; a world resembling Edo era Japan, one filled with spirits, gods, yōkai, demons, and anything in-between. Several villages make up the worlds main locations, each village residing in a land that represents the village as a whole. The lands lived in harmony and truly resided within an "Eden", but nothing lasts forever. The villages tried diplomacy of course, but it inevitably failed. When the villages were unable to come to an agreement on who should get what, the fighting began. Small scuffles at first. Brief skirmishes over disputed lands near the borders of their nations. In time however, things escalated. No longer were the recovering villages content with ensuring they got what was rightfully theirs. They wanted more. They were hungry for it. Thus began the First World War. Seemingly damned to eternal conflict, the worriers who'd sworn themselves to peace wound up in yet another catastrophic world war, not two decades after the last. Their fighting ravaged the already decimated world, nearly reducing what remained of the villages defenses to nothingness. Now the world lives in the depressing shadow of a once thriving world of peace. The world walks the path of world catastrophe as tension between the villages would only grow. The warring period is not yet over, though a group of unknown individuals work towards bringing ultimate destruction, absolute calamity...for the sake of a new world in their vision.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of an End.

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