The Jade And Yilian...
By Bangtanarmy581
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Wei Ying had long ago mastered a dark art. One which, should any fond out, would put a target on his back. When the Jiang's took him in, he made sure that it was never used in their presence. He already got enough hate as it were without them knowing he could literally destroy everything they held dear with a mere whistle. Everything was fine, until he was forced to go to the Cloud Recesses with Jiang Cheng. That was when complications arose. After all, how could he keep things hidden from the Two Jades of Lan? Especially after the disaster one night, which ended in him hiding from Jiang Cheng. Notes *Jiang Cheng has a really bad temper, and I don't think they showed a realistic ideal with how short tempered he is, so he isn't bad, but he does get violent *In this, Wei Ying already entered the burial mounds before the Jiangs collected him. It will be explained in detail later. *Wei Ying has some problems. these are things not well addressed in either the book or the live action, and I will be addressing them here. So I would like to say this will likely contain triggering stuff. please be careful.

Xue Yang and Wei Ying

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The Jade...
by Bangtanarmy581