Older! Brothers X Y...
By MarissaTheOtaku
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this story is a continuation of Younger! sister x Older! brothers . Unfortunately that story got taken down and is permanently deleted. We left of when Brianna got taken by Ace and is now in his place for the time being. Just to refresh your mind Brianna is the main character in this story and her Older brothers are in love with her. Leo is blonde and we don't know if he is one of the "chosen" Zach is a demon chosen meaning he has the ability to turn into a demon and use his power as much as he wants. Ace and Zach fought and Ace one and took Brianna with him. Ace is also one of the "hybrid chosen" meaning he can turn into a werewolf,vampire and demon. He is one of the strongest chosen. Ace has Brianna as a "hostage" and he also is in love with her. It's a love square. I hope I help everyone remember this story and enjoy ☺️


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Older! Br...
by MarissaTheOtaku