The project | youn...
By authorcamille
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" I despise you, Sirius Black." " No, no you don't." ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Y/n) (l/n), the perfect example of a Slytherin. She was a pureblood from a wealthy family, was always getting perfect marks, shot killer glances at the Gryffindors during Quidditch matches, and was friends with none other than Regulus Black. Her sixth year at Hogwarts was expected to be normal, but throw in a project and an unlucky pairing, and (y/n) is stuck working with the infamous Sirius Black, her nemesis for no good reason. (Y/n) had her year programmed to her liking, but with the Marauders around, nothing seems to go as planned. To think it all started because of a project... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Young Sirius Black x reader Cover made by me, art goes to respective owner. 50,000+ words

Blood status shenanigans

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The proje...
by authorcamille