Bound To Silas
By ShelleyratedxMJ
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Tessa Leonard is a happily married twenty-eight-year-old teacher who recently started getting migraines that at times, causes her to faint. She decides it's time to go visit her doctor in hopes he can prescribe some pain medicine, but unfortunately for her, on her way to seek help for her excruciating pain, a horrible accident happens and she will never be the same. When she wakes up, her nightmare will begin. She will run into what she used to teach her students about and realizes, it isn't just some myth, he's very real. Tessa has always believed when things happen to each of us, there is always a reason for it. She will learn something about herself that her family kept from her. What has been bound, can be unbound. Main Characters... Tessa Leonard- Lesley Ann Brandt Silas Vermont- Ian Somerhalder Brian Leonard- Johnny Depp Leslie Benson- Hayden Panettiere Ethan Frame-Edward Furlong #theaceawards2020 #aceawards2020 Second Place Winner in Black Arts Awards.


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Bound To...
by ShelleyratedxMJ