The God Codex
By evacharya
  • Science Fiction
  • action-adventure
  • corruption
  • disaster
  • dystopian
  • environment
  • featured
  • femaleprotagonist
  • firstperson
  • futuristic
  • fw30
  • government
  • hungergames
  • mystery
  • nanotechnology
  • near-future
  • sci-fi
  • sciencefiction
  • society
  • survivalofthefittest
  • teenfiction
  • thriller
  • wattys2020
  • worldbuilding
  • youngadult


[COMPLETE; #Wattys2020] Mia Love is just another high-school student with an attitude and no clear plan for her future. All she wants to do is survive the mandatory graduation-camp with a sound mind, and her tongue held, beside her best friend and crush, Nate. When hell breaks loose in Camp Sweep and the sinister reasons behind its existence come to light, Mia must survive and evade capture long enough to figure out why she survived a massacre where many of her peers perished. In the tech-obsessed world of 2081, where Mother Nature recovers from a catastrophic nuclear event and humanity survives on the backs of advanced nanotechnology, tech is God. And Mia may be the key to the next big thing. This is the new TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN meets THE HUNGER GAMES, meets ALTERED CARBON shrouded in mystery. May the best Tech win! [Contains some mature content such as violence and language some might find offensive.] ........................................................................ 🎙FEATURES & Achievements: @WPScienceFiction - Dystopian/Apocalyptic Fiction (Sept 2020) ROUND TWO QUALIFIER - ONC 2020 🥇in Sci-fi, Tricolor Triennial Awards 2020 🥇in Sci-fi, The Virginia Awards 2020, 🥇in Science Fiction, Mono Awards 2020 🥇in Sci-fi/General Fic/Historical, Shimmer Awards (1st Ed.) 2020, 🥈 in Science/Historic Fiction, Sparkle Awards 2nd Ed. 2020, 🥉 in Sci-fi, Mousetail Summer Award 2020

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The God C...
by evacharya