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By KingTrashLord
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Sohmaru is Roy mustang's younger sister, but he doesn't know she exists. His mother (Lets call her Alyss)had an affair with an Ishbalan man named Doran Ishaw. [Doe-ran, E-sh-aw] Doran himself was a mutt not being complitly ishbalan, but also being part Xingesse. So when Alyss and Doran had a child she was a mutt as well. She was mostly ishbalan but she also held some Xing and Amestris traits in her blood. After Sohmaru was born Alyss when back to Amestris and left Sohmaru with Doran to be raised in ishbal. Sohmaru lived happily with her father and made many friends even though she was so different from all the other ishbalans that lived all around her. But then tragity struck like a huge storm, and the ishbalan Civil war began. While trying to flee the country to Xing Sohmaru lost her legs, but in return meet the rockbells and got two prostetic legs. Now after her long and hard journey Sohmaru wants to settle down and find a place called 'Home.' but that doesn't happen all to easily when she gets a call from centeral saying they want her to become a state alchemist. (This is going by the manga so it's probally like FMAB. Also Sohmaru x Ed)

Ishbalan Mutt - FMA [B] Story

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by KingTrashLord