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Darkling Academy only has two rules. Number one? Don't die on the first day. Number two? Try not to die over the next three hundred and sixty five days. Alexis Huntington, a seventeen year old girl, already had enough to deal with as a high school student trying to get into her dream college. But after she finds a mysterious app on her phone, she's thrown into a world full of Werewolf's, Witches and Vampires. You know, just all the things that could kill you without even trying. And to top it all off, people from her home town, Danforth, have been going missing without any trace or clue of where they could be. Will Alexis be able to save them before one of her loved ones are next, whilst also trying to survive at her new school? ------------ ~ My entry for The Open Novella Contest 2020 ~ ~ Prompt used is number 55 ~ WARNING - This contains mild mature themes related to gore

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