Murder So Sinister...
By Saskatchewan7
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**ONC III 2020 Honourable Mention** Inspector Henri Fraser is troubled by his current case. An unlikely object connects a chain of unusual murders. The Holy Book of El Olam, a spiritual treasure, kept in the possession of members of the Prophet Society, a fellowship of religious individuals. When the latest victim is strangled to death, Inspector Fraser and his trustworthy Constable Abbott find themselves on the trail of a serial killer - or worse- more than one. When a mysterious woman invades the crime scene claiming she knows the name of the culprit, the inspector's world is turned upside down as he's thrown into a world of dark magic, spiritual awakening, and a dangerous cult. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Open Novella Contest 2020 Honourable Mention - Stunning Worlds Category 🌏 Black and Gold Flames Awards 2020 Mystery Winner 🥇 The Young Writers Awards 2020 2nd Place in Mystery Category 🥈 Hello 2021 Awards Mystery/Thriller Winner 🥇 #BadassReads #TheDauntless Featured on the Wattpad Ambassador-run profile BadassReads! 🔍 Dauntless category 🔎 [[word count: 30,000 - 40,000 words]]

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Murder So...
by Saskatchewan7