Prometheus (ONC 202...
By BirtheV
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"Somewhere in the world, people die, and I am not one of them. I am condemned to life. To liberty, as Sartre would have said." *** When Dante drinks the blood of a woman with Aids, his health takes a turn for the worse. He's a vampire and his immune system should be infallible, but here he is: every day, he wakes up healthy, only to attract another painful and rare disease during the day that is miraculously cured at night. It is a neverending cycle and dreams and reality seem to blend into nothing but pain. And unlike Prometheus, there will not be a Hercules to kill the eagle and break the chains. He'll have to save himself, but can he do that when he's his own worst enemy? There's no antidote for life or suffering. *** Trigger warnings: loneliness, mild self-hate (mostly for being a vampire), passive desire to die, mention of past torture, detailed description of flu-like symptoms Inspired by prompts 15 and 60 of the Open Novella Contest 2020. Round 2 qualifier! THIS WILL BE FINISHED DURING THE SUMMER!


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by BirtheV