Santo Dios!
By chasingcastles
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(Completed) Book #2 of the "Cornwall" - Series The exciting adventure of Lindy and Father Colón continues with a lot of drama, exceptional humour and compelling romance. Will their love ever have a real chance? ***** Lindy has gotten used to her life as a fake novice by now, but the kiss between her and Father Colón preys on her mind. While the priest insists that he has no feelings for her, Lindy's emotions go on a rollercoaster. They agree on just remaining friends, but something always manages to get in their way. As if the situation wasn't hard enough, her old flame Patrick seems to work his way back into her life. But when she is kidnapped by one of Kominis' henchmen, she is having an adventure that lets all hell break loose. An adventure that drags her through hell, high water and back. © All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

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Santo Dio...
by chasingcastles