The Cheerleaders Vs...
By miniChGu
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"You dragged me into this battle and I'm not weak enough to let you win." When the mean school principal stepped in, the clubs started to shut down and they're down to these two clubs. The Cheerleaders and the Singers. With Jennie being the competitive leader of the cheerleading squad and Taehyung being the arrogant main vocal of the singers, who hated each other since they were kids, the administration just had no choice but to send both groups to a little vacation to cool down and decide who stays and who leaves. A vacation, living under one roof, without a teacher's supervision. Two groups with deep grudges, Two leaders who are after each other's throats, together for three months? #1 in vnnie - 2/14/20 #2 in taennie - 2/20/20 Started: 2/7/20 Ended: 4/1/20

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The Cheer...
by miniChGu