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By Wimbug
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For influencer Carolyn Danes, #aboutlastnight is the best hashtag. It perfectly sums up an evening filled with adventure and excitement. And her last evening out really WAS perfect. Her dress fit perfectly, her hair and makeup were on point, and she met the man of her dreams, out-of-this-world-hot and charming Damian Bradley. It just had to be ruined by something as silly as waking up in a strange empty room, in Damian's body, her own lifeless corpse lying on the floor. No amount of screaming in the world can make the nightmare go away. Her only clue about last night is a letter from Damian himself. It can all be undone. He just made a deal with the Devil, and now the Prince of Darkness wants one small favor to set everything right. Find a tiny shard of soul. But when Carolyn can see every bit of soul the world has lost, finding one particular piece may prove impossible. 👸 This is my open novella contest 2020 entry. Yay me!

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by Wimbug