Untie the Knot - Ha...
By floranocturna
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Penny Lane hates weddings, especially her mother's. She'd rather spend time at the flower shop or listening to music, no, not the Beatles. She never quite forgave her mother for that one. Haze Delacroix, tall, dark, and handsome, is the charismatic owner of Underworld Delicacies, and always gets what he wants. The only exception: finding a suitable wife has proven harder than what he'd expected. When Haze is hired to cater the wedding reception of Penny's mother, the two meet and sparks fly. Too many mojitos and one frivolous proposal later, they find themselves in a rather unexpected and possibly indecent relationship. But love does what love wants, and neither Penny nor Haze are prepared for what life throws at them. ---------- Hades & Persephone reloaded ---------- Achievements: ONC Ambassador Picks 2020 Featured on @StoriesUndiscovered 4/20 1st place Romance in @TheSpringAwards 4/20 1st place Romance/Chicklit @MajesticInc Universal Awards 5/20 1st place Romance in The Rising Gem Awards 5/20


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Untie the...
by floranocturna