No Matter What You...
By beccalathorn
  • Teen Fiction
  • action
  • becca
  • drama
  • lathorn
  • power
  • she-wolf
  • struggle
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Kate is different then most, even in her own species. Not only is she a werewolf, but she is one of the only purebred Female werewolves to ever exist. Being her mate would give anyone an instant path to being a pack Alpha. No matter where she looks she's got a new creep wanting to mate with her. Luckily she has her loyal pack to back her up when the crap hits the fan. Up against other Packs and Hunters, her only hope to survive is a small scrappy pack of only four members, a family who still doesn't know anything about who she really is, and a lunatic who actually wants to be bit and join a pack. And believe it or not, she likes those odds.

Author's Note

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No Matter...
by beccalathorn