Knight of Fire | ON...
By Kaiddance
  • Paranormal
  • asexual
  • demon
  • divinecomedy
  • hell
  • paranormal
  • psychic
  • redemption
  • suffering
  • supernatural
  • tarot


Renowned psychic Desmond Wells has it all: money, grandeur, and family. The only thing he doesn't have on his side lately is luck. With his psychic gift mysteriously gone, he relies on the talent of Ava Sinclair until he can get his power back. After reading about a new ritual involving a cup and a mirror, granting him the opportunity to commune with the Divine, he decides to give it a shot and tell his skeptics where to shove it. Things don't go according to plan, and he finds himself biting off a bit more than he can chew. As his mother once said, he had more lives than a cat. He always landed on his feet and he would do so again. After all, he was born for great things. ⚔️🔥Second Place Round One Winner for Open Novella Contest 2020 ⚔️🔥 Longlisted for ONC 2020 ⚔️🔥 Shortlisted for ONC 2020 ⚔🔥 Honorable Mention for ONC 2020 ⚔️🔥 Ambassador Pick for ONC 2020 **Cover by Crimson_Graves** Open Novella 2020 Entry based on Prompts number 49 and 42. Modern-day retelling of the Divine Comedy Standalone follow-up to Queen of Water, shortlisted for Open Novella 2019.


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Knight of...
by Kaiddance