Not Programmed for...
By KGBuchanan
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'"The next words out of your mouth better be, 'I'm sorry,' and 'here's the antidote.'" Alberta Mattson has always been open about her sexuality. She brought a girl to the spring formal as a freshman and has a bisexual flag tattooed on her ankle. When her friend's brother joins the robotics team, Alberta takes him under her wing. She is completely unprepared for the repercussions of falling for him--including the need to confront her own internal prejudices. When Alberta faces backlash from the LGBT community at her school for dating a boy, Alberta wants nothing more than to be "cured" of her feelings... and for her best friend to apologize for setting them up in the first place. Bisexual, out and proud. What happens when she falls for a boy? Note: This story deals with the issue of bisexual erasure and prejudice within the LGBT+ community. Please respect this and don't post harmful comments.

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Not Progr...
by KGBuchanan