The Court of Hearts
By Ilikecatsandmusicals
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Shall we play a game of cards? Rich Diamonds. Lucky Clubs. Mighty Spades. Beautiful Hearts. These are the Four kingdoms ruling over the world. Each of them has a King, each King has a Queen, and they have a Jack, serving them whenever they may go. These three are called a Court and they're the ones ruling over a kingdom. That's the only way to achieve balance. But balance... doesen't necesserily mean peace, now, does it? <3 When a young boy named Andrias (Faroe) is found and claimed as the Jack of Hearts, he has no idea what destiny has in stock for him. It's time for a new Court to rise, but how can it, when a member of it is missing still? How long can King Mathias and Jack Andrias carry on without the Queen? Andrias decides he doesen't want to find out, and with the help of a lowly guard, cunning Joker and a broken inside Ace, sets on a journey. <3 The Courts are not the same as in the 'canon' Cardverse, includes a few ocs, and the ships are Dennor (main), and minor Sufin, Lietpol and UsUk. Iceland is a cutie.

The Jack - 1/2

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The Court...
by Ilikecatsandmusicals